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What are the Benefits of Investing in Equity Crowdfunding?

Imagine if you had invested in Facebook, Snapchat, or Uber before they were publicly traded –– you would have made a fortune.

Unfortunately, you didn't get a chance to invest in those Pre-IPO shares because you're not one of the already existing wealthy investors.

Ever since 1933, the US government have had very strict laws on who can invest in privately-held companies (Pre-IPO companies). Unless you have a net worth of at least $1 Million and/ or making $200,000 income a year, you cannot invest in Pre-IPO or Private Equity.

We have great news!

Because of the Jobs Act (Jumpstart Out Business Startups Act), you now have the opportunity to invest in those companies at their inception. 

You can now make up to 2,000 times your investments like Peter Thiel did when Facebook went public.

We know with higher rewards comes higher risks. That's why CrowdChayne is proud to only bring solid companies that we have thoroughly vetted.  Invest in CrowdChayne, and take advantage of our 20+ plus years of experience in the banking and financial industry.

Let us guide you in this new age of capitalism. 

Real companies. Real return. Real wealth creation.

CrowdChayne is the solution. Welcome to the movement.

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